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Green Visa Services in Dubai

Green Visa Services in Dubai offers a streamlined and eco-friendly approach to visa assistance, making your travel dreams a reality while prioritizing sustainability

Experience Freedom and Flexibility with the UAE's Green Visa

The United Arab Emirates is known for its progressive approach to attracting talent and investors, and the introduction of the Green Visa is a testament to this commitment. This new visa, part of the government’s comprehensive visa system reforms, offers a host of benefits and opportunities to those who secure it. For individuals seeking visa services in Dubai, the Green Visa program is a promising avenue to explore. Whether you’re a skilled professional, an entrepreneur, or an investor, Dubai’s Green Visa presents an array of options for those looking to establish themselves in this thriving emirate. With simplified application procedures and a diverse range of privileges, this visa program underscores Dubai’s status as a global hub for business and innovation.

Who is Eligible for a UAE Green Visa?

The UAE’s Green Visa is designed to attract a diverse range of individuals, including skilled employees, freelancers, self-employed professionals, investors, and partners. It comes with unprecedented benefits, simplified application procedures, and extended grace periods, making it an attractive choice for many.

Green Residence for Skilled Employees

Skilled employees now have the opportunity to secure a five-year green residence without the need for a traditional sponsor or employer. The requirements are straightforward:

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Green Residence for Freelancers and Self-Employed Professionals

The UAE recognizes the growing trend of freelancing and self-employment worldwide. As such, the Green Residence offers a five-year option for freelancers and self-employed individuals. The key requirements include:

  • Obtaining a freelancer/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • At least a bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma
  • Demonstrating a self-employment income of AED 360,000 for the last two years
  • Providing proof of financial solvency during the stay in the UAE

Green Residence for Investors or Partners

In an effort to boost investments, the Green Residence program also welcomes investors or partners. Those engaged in commercial activities can secure a five-year residency permit, and the validity of this category has been extended from two to five years. The necessary conditions encompass:

  • Investment approval and proof of investment
  • Calculating the total invested capital for investors holding more than one license
  • Mandatory approval from local authorities

The Benefits of a UAE Green Visa

The UAE’s Green Visa offers numerous advantages that cater to a diverse range of individuals:

No Sponsorship Required: Unlike many other visas, the Green Visa does not require sponsorship by an employer. This independence provides a sense of security and flexibility.

Enhanced Benefits for Family Members: The new system allows residents to sponsor their first-degree relatives, including spouses and children, for a five-year residency.

Extended Grace Periods: In case of visa expiration or cancellation, expatriates holding a Green Visa are granted a grace period of six months to amend their status, obtain a new residence visa, or leave the country. Grace periods are exempt from fines.

Flexibility and Travel: The Green Visa makes travel within and outside the UAE easier. It allows swift entry and exit for those who need to travel for business or leisure.

Outstanding Quality of Life: For professionals and students alike, the UAE provides an excellent quality of life. The Green Visa opens up a world of opportunities for those looking to live, work, and study in the UAE.


The Dubai Green Visa is a visa category introduced by the UAE government to attract skilled professionals, freelancers, investors, and partners, offering them long-term residency in Dubai.

Skilled employees can secure a five-year green residence without the need for a traditional sponsor or employer. The requirements include:

  • Valid employment contracts
  • Occupation classification at the first, second, or third level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization
  • A minimum educational level of an undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • A minimum monthly salary of AED 15,000

Yes, Dubai’s Green Visa program welcomes freelancers and self-employed professionals who meet specific criteria, including holding a freelancer/self-employment permit and demonstrating a minimum income.

Investors and partners engaged in commercial activities must meet investment and approval requirements. These conditions may include proof of investment and approvals from local authorities.

Yes, the Dubai Green Visa offers various benefits, including independence from traditional sponsorship, the ability to sponsor family members, extended grace periods, and enhanced travel flexibility.

Yes, Green Visa holders have the option to sponsor first-degree relatives, including spouses and children, for a five-year residency in Dubai.

In such cases, Green Visa holders are granted a grace period of six months to amend their visa status, obtain a new residence visa, or leave the country without incurring fines.

Yes, the Green Visa offers travel flexibility, allowing holders to enter and exit the UAE conveniently for business or leisure purposes.

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