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Open a Bank Account in Dubai

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Streamlined Dubai Bank Account Services

Our service specializes in assisting individuals and businesses with the process of opening a bank account in Dubai, UAE. We understand that opening a business bank account in the UAE can be a complex and time-consuming task, which is why we have developed a streamlined approach to make it easier and more efficient for our clients. With our experienced team, we are well-versed in the strict compliance procedures mandated by the UAE Central Bank. We will guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that all necessary documentation and requirements are met with precision and accuracy. Our goal is to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

In-Person Application

You must be present in person to meet with a bank representative, sign the application form, and submit the relevant papers.

Online Application

If you are not in the UAE, you can create a bank account using an online method. Your participation will still be expected, either through a phone call or an online meeting. Once your application has been granted, the bank will ask you to go to the UAE to sign the account opening form.

Processing Time

The processing time for opening a bank account can be lengthy, typically taking 25 or more working days, depending on the complexity of the application.

Our Bank Account Opening in UAE

Client assessment

Our team will carefully assess your company's activities, operations, expected annual turnover, and initial funds available for opening the account. With this information in hand, we will recommend the most suitable bank for your business. Our expertise will ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the right bank for your specific needs.

Liaising with the bank

In case the bank requires further information or processes, we will communicate with them and assist you in completing the additional requirements. In some instances, if you are not available to meet the Contact Point Verification Agent, we can also act as your representative.


We will assist you in collecting and preparing the documents required by the bank.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Opening a Bank Account in the UAE

The UAE is one of the hottest up-and-coming nations for individuals to relocate to, with over 200,000 immigrants arriving each year. It’s a destination where you can enjoy the seaside, fast-paced city life, and so much more all in one location!

However, if you plan to relocate to the United Arab Emirates, you must establish a bank account. Having a bank account (or numerous bank accounts) in your new nation will make it easier for you to transfer money and pay for products and services.

We understand the importance of opening a bank account in Dubai, and that’s why we’ve put up a simple tutorial on how to open a bank account in UAE. Whether you’re a resident or an expatriate, the process of bank account opening in Dubai can be straightforward and efficient.

An Overview of Banking in the UAE

Before we get into how to create a bank account in the UAE, let’s take a moment to discuss the banking industry. The UAE has a financial system governed by a central bank.

Aside from the central bank, there are around 50 foreign and local banks spread throughout the country. Because of the banks’ liquidity buffers and high capital levels, the financial sector is thought to be fairly stable.

The majority of banks in the UAE are supported by deposits. Their high capital levels act as a substantial cushion, absorbing any losses.

The UAE has four different types of banks. These types of banks include:

Islamic banks are a growing form of financial institution. In recent years, UAE banks have attempted to broaden their banking services to clients while adhering to Islamic financial standards. This is significant for the country’s numerous Muslim inhabitants.

Currently, the country has 23 Islamic bank branches and 8 full-fledged Islamic banks. These financial institutions account for almost 20% of the UAE’s banking industry.

Apart from Islamic banks in the country, UAE banks also serve foreigners and international customers. They have implemented a number of international rules and provide all of their financial services in both Arabic and English.

A few international regulations that UAE banks comply with include:

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Account Types in the UAE

The second item to consider before creating a bank account in the UAE is what sorts of bank accounts are available. There are many sorts of bank accounts available to both non-residents and residents of the UAE.

The Most Effective Method to Open a Bank Account in UAE

With this data, you’re all set ahead and open a ledger in UAE. Doing so is extremely fast and effective, and regularly requires anyplace from two or three days to a long time.

To open either a current account or a savings account, UAE residents will need to provide the following documentation:

  • Your original passport as well as a copy
  • A copy of your UAE resident visa
  • A salary certificate
  • Your Emirates ID card or a copy of your registration form if you haven’t yet received it

On the off chance that you’re a non-inhabitant, you’ll simply have the option to open an investment account. Despite the fact that you will not get a checkbook, you’ll in any case get a charge card that you can use to pull out cash.

To open a savings account as a non-resident, many banks run background checks. Then, they request the following documents:

  • A recent utility bill
  • A reference letter from your home bank
  • The six most recent monthly bank statements from your home bank
  • Information proving consistent funding sources

These reports are expected to ensure that you truly possess the ability to keep a ledger in the UAE. A Non-occupant bank account can take somewhat longer to open thanks to the additional documentation.

Corporate Accounts

In the event that you’re wanting to involve your ledger to carry on with work in the UAE, you’ll have to open a corporate financial balance. The justification for why you need to open a corporate record is that UAE regulation restricts you from working with an individual record.

Corporate records, by and large, ought to be current records. The justification for this is with the goal that they can handle a huge volume of exchanges. Opening an ongoing corporate record in the UAE generally requires somewhere in the range of two and a month.

When you go to open a corporate bank account, it’s important to note that you’ll need a few additional documents to do so. The exact documents may vary depending on your chosen bank and your type of company, but they usually include:

  • Your company trade license
  • A certificate of your company’s registration
  • Share certificates
  • The company’s articles of association and memorandum
  • A letter from the board giving a company officer the power to open a corporate account
  • Visas and passports from all shareholders

With these documents in hand, you’ll be all set to open a bank account.


The typical documents required to open a bank account in Dubai include a valid passport, a residency visa (if applicable), proof of address, a bank reference letter, proof of income/source of funds, and completed application forms. Additional documents may be requested by the bank.

Yes, foreigners can open a bank account in Dubai. The city welcomes international investors and individuals to establish banking relationships. However, specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the bank and the type of account.

In many cases, having a residency visa is required to open a bank account in Dubai. However, some banks may offer options for non-residents or individuals on visit visas. It is advisable to check with the specific bank for their requirements.

The minimum deposit requirements vary depending on the bank and the type of account you wish to open. Some banks may have no minimum deposit requirements for certain account types, while others may require a specific amount to be deposited.

Adwise International can provide guidance and assistance with opening a bank account in Dubai. They can help you navigate the requirements and procedures for opening a bank account and assist with the application process

The time required to open a bank account in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as the bank’s internal processes, the completeness of your documentation, and any additional due diligence required. Typically, it can take a few days to a few weeks.

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